Episode 67 - “I assume it’ll be Mark Cuban or Ryan Seacrest in 2020″

December 27th, 2017

Justin and Sean celebrated 10 years of recording "The Dot Matrix" podcast by welcoming their second guest in a row - this time Justin's partner Michelle. Michelle is completing her PhD research, which takes a learning lens to better understand social justice movements and what brings them together. She contributed her formidable and progressive voice to our podcasting duo. Because she was coming live from Chicago (the marvels of Skype!), the three focused on all the chaotic and dramatic happenings down in the US. The main topic of the day was the efforts to push through tax changes and the outrageous rushing of the process by even writing on the margins of the bill. A few other enraging videos they spoke about are here and here for your viewing pleasure. In the conversation, they reference two really great podcasts: By Any Means Necessary and On the Media (we've included links to the specific episodes they referenced). Also, according to the Onion, apparently you aren't supposed to leave Mike Pence alone with a Mrs. Butterworth bottle nearby.

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