Episode 60 - “Only a European Problem? Nope.”

September 21st, 2015

Life has a way of zipping by quickly.  And that's no exception for Sean and Justin!  It's been since the end of 2014 that the duo from The Dot Matrix sat down to 'cast.  It was good timing, with so much "democracy" in the air - with election season both in Canada and the US.  After getting warmed up, the two started with the mounting humanitarian crisis of Syrian refugees fleeing the war-torn region - particularly the Canadian government's response.  Even since recording the podcast, there are new developments and criticism.  The conversation then turns to the upcoming Canadian federal election, only a day after the second leaders debate, this one hosted by the Globe and Mail.  Of course, there was some discussion of the Republican leaders debate hosted by CNN, with a surprising close to the podcast talking about last year's tour tax that went along with the Temporary Foreign Worker Program controversy.  A lot of ground to cover in almost a year!

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