Episode 50 - “Getting Through the Pain and Knowing there is Beauty after it”

July 11th, 2012

Finally, Episode 50 of The Dot Matrix is here.  Yes, about six months later than originally planned, but it's worth the wait.  Justin and Sean effortlessly float from topic to topic this time out, like pros who have recorded 49 previous podcasts!  Justin interrogates Sean about his latest band tour - including shout outs to funky venues like Jackie & Judy in Montreal and the Lit Lounge in Manhattan.  The two also chat movies, including the recent passing of writer-director, humorist Nora Ephron.  The conversation flows to Sean's weekend at the amazing Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet, BC.  Of course the duo talk politics, this week the big story being the US Supreme Court upholding President Obama's health care reforms.  And in a surprise, last minute decision, the two both share poems.  Justin shared Nikki Giovanni's And I Have You while Sean ended with an excerpt from T.S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.

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